Final-Stage Alcohol Addiction: More Issues That Can Be Deadly

Having a loved one who is at the later stage of alcohol addiction can be difficult and depressing. This stage can be the end of the sufferer’s life or the end of his drinking days. During this time, the sufferer may be experiencing serious health issues.

People usually start a drinking pattern in an attempt to alleviate physiological or emotional pain. However, they may not realize that their alcoholism has become the cause of more problems which also impact the people around them. Alcoholism causes worries to families, jobs and communities. According to alcohol rehabilitation professionals alcohol addiction in the final stage may not be treated easily.

Strong Desire to Drink

An alcoholic whose alcohol dependency is at the final stage has a life that is revolved around alcohol. Often, he has a damaged career, family life and relationship. He tends to disregard other needs such as shelter, water and food. Surprisingly, a lot of late-stage alcoholics may still deny their condition. They continue to blame everything, except alcohol, for what is happening in their life. It is also likely that the alcoholic will stay away from situations and settings where their intoxication can be criticized and observed. This usually results in isolation. Late-stage alcoholism can result in homelessness, bankruptcy and divorce. In this stage, an addict is often drunk for several days.

Physical Dependence on Alcohol

During the later stage of alcohol dependency, an alcoholic is not only suffering from psychological and social issues but also physical damages. He may be experiencing critical symptoms when he is not able to drink alcohol. Alcohol withdrawal which induces extreme disturbance to the brain can cause delirium tremens. When the individual quits or reduces the amount of alcohol that he consumes, he may experience an increase in blood pressure, body temperature, respiration and heart rate. Some alcohol rehab center specialists warn that an alcoholic’s mind can be damaged by delusions, nightmares and hallucinations while delirium tremens is experienced.

Common Diseases

Alcoholics who are in the final stage of their drinking can suffer from cirrhosis as his liver becomes damaged. Late-stage alcoholism may also cause an addict to experience esophageal cancer, brain damage and cardiovascular diseases.

If someone you know is struggling with late-stage alcohol addiction, it is essential to help him get an appropriate treatment to save him from getting more health problems. There are available alcohol rehabilitation centers that have professionals who will monitor the patient and help him deal with his condition.

Cancer Cure Ayurveda Treatment In India

Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells in the body, which proves to be destructive and life-threatening over a period of time. Cancer is named according to the type of cell growth, and the organ or body part which it affects. Conventional methods of treating cancer are: – surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and immunotherapy. Modern medicine is able to treat or control a majority of the cancers seen nowadays, however, a complete cure may not be possible in a significant percentage of those affected; and side-effects of therapy, and recurrence, are major problems. The most important step in any serious disease is “prevention”. Ayurveda aims at a healthy lifestyle, by balancing the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. There is a strong stress on a balanced, nourishing diet, regular exercise and relaxation, preventive cleansing of the body at regular intervals, and a holistic approach towards material and spiritual needs. DS Research centre is one of the best cancer research centres which provide ayurvedic treatment for cancer with the help of cancer cure Ayurveda. It has seven centres around the nation. In Kolkata, it is located at P-26, C.I.T. Road, Scheme- VI M, and Kolkata- 700054. To know about cancer cure Ayurveda or ayurvedic treatment for cancer, you can call us at 03340164141 or you can visit:
Complementary therapy is nonstandard cancer treatment that is used alongside traditional treatment, while alternative therapy is nonstandard treatment used in place of traditional methods. For instance, a person may choose complementary therapy to help them with their chemotherapy side effects. Chemo can cause nausea and vomiting, and rather than take a drug for that, patients may choose instead to drink peppermint tea or eat ginger. However, if religious beliefs or other reasons prevent you from participating in standard medicine, you can choose alternative treatment. Today, Ayurvedic medicine is being used to help treat cancer (specifically cervical cancer), where it aims at not just treating the cancer, but also treating its symptoms; together with preventing its spread, and reducing the side-effects that are commonly seen with modern-day medicines. However, there may actually be a certain amount of doubt as to whether Ayurvedic medicine can actually cure cancer completely; although, there are positive indications to show it has a certain amount of ability to cure. As yet, there is still insufficient evidence to either confirm or deny Ayurvedic medicine’s ability to be a suitable contender in the fight against cancer.
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A Rundown Of The Amazing HCG Diet Good Points

What can you say about the HCG diet benefits? In case you have not yet tried using this diet, then it is expected that you cannot give definite answer to this question. Moreover, if you are one of those who have been using this diet for a long time now, then you will have tons of great words to describe this diet to other. Without a doubt, there are the numerous benefits you can get from using the mentioned diet above that is difficult to enumerate in single piece of paper. While you might find these words unbelievable, you will see that there are many people who can back up the authenticity of the claim of this post about the HCG diet.

As you will see, there are many people who are willing to attest the effectiveness and benefits you can get from HCG drops weight loss. In fact, most of the articles that you will read in popular health and weight magazines feature the mentioned hormone diet, which is now conquering every market today. In case you are not aware of the existence of this diet, then this will explain why until now you are not satisfied with your current weight. The lack in the sufficient information about this diet is also the reason why you are hesitating in replacing your diet with the HCG diet plan.

Let us get down to the benefits of this amazing diet:

* Cure obesity – are you one of people who are overweight and are having difficulties in living your life? Are you tired of looking for the best solution to this problem, which make you think to give up on your quest? Before you even consider proceeding with your plan, then it will be wise on your part to take time to know what the HCG diet can do for your problem. * Promote weight loss – one reason why the homeopathic HCG drops are being sought by most people these days is because of its ability to shed your unwanted fats. Are you aware that with the help of this diet hormone, you can shed your excess body fats even without exercising? Although you might find these words very fancy and too good to be true, you will be surprised to know that there are lots of people who will prove the competitiveness of this product. * Spare you from several diseases – with the regular use of the mentioned HCG diet, you will be freed from getting inflicted by various diseases: stroke, gallbladder, stroke, heart diseases, sleep apnea, hypertension, cancer, gout, asthma, diabetes and the osteoarthritis. * Provide lasting result – what you will notice with the people, who have used the above diet, they know how to maintain their desired diet. The good thing about this diet is that it will teach you the right ways to achieve your ideal weight even if you have already stopped from implementing the diet plan. * Easy to purchase – this diet product can be bought in most markets as well as in the popular online stores in the Internet. * Reasonable price – buying the HCG diet drops is the best decision that you can make if you want to get the worth of your money back to you.

After providing you the benefits of the HCG diet, it is now up to you to make your decision in replacing you current diet with this amazing hormone drops diet.

Probiotics, Friendly Bacteria For Immunity, Health And Vitality

Benefits of friendly bacteria were noted the Nobel Prize laureate, E. Metchnikoff as far as early 1900, when he observed Bulgarians living significantly longer and healthier than people of other countries. He attributed this to the friendly bacteria in the fermented milk products that they consumed regularly. Today, many scientific research and clinical trials have confirmed the endless health benefits of friendly bacteria.

We need friendly bacteria to remain healthy and vibrant, to enjoy clear, blemish free, complexion, robust digestive function, stronger body resistance, and to reduce the risk of colon and breast cancer. There are around 100 trillion bacteria in our intestinal tract itself – that’s more than the number of cells in our entire body. Ideally, probiotics should make up 80% of the total intestinal inhabitants. Unfortunately, it is often not the case for most of us.

Some common symptoms of bad bacteria overgrowth include:

– constipation
– elevated cholesterol level
– headaches
– flatulence
– diarrhea
– body odor
– bad breath
– white vaginal discharge
– food intolerance
– allergies

Left untreated, they can become chronic, as in irritable bowel syndrome and can impair the immune function, leading to other serious illness such as a cancer.

Did you know that 70% of immune functions are actually found within the small intestines? Probiotics function as watchdogs in the intestines to active macrophages and lymphocytes, the white blood cells, to attack and destroy diseases-causing microbes. They also produce several natural antibiotics to inhibit the growth of disease-causing bacteria.

Bad bacteria attach onto the intestinal wall, causing a condition known as “leaky gut”. When this happens, the small, sieve-like holes in the lining of the wall, which normally allow only nutrients to pass through, become enlarged. This allows larger molecules, including partially digested foods to seep into the bloodstream. The immune system then springs into action attacking these larger molecules, causing food intolerance and even allergies. This also burdens the immune system leaving it less resilient against other serious foreign invaders.

The liver binds and neutralizes toxin so that they can be excreted. However, bad bacteria in the intestines are able to break this bond, causing the toxin to be released and reabsorbed into the blood. This can contribute to the development of cancer, not limited to colon cancer, but breast cancer too. Fortunately, friendly bacteria are able to prevent the bad bacteria from breaking down this bond, and help to neutralize toxic metabolites. In addition, probiotics also produce butyric acid, which may curtail cancer caused by dietary nitrosamines found in preserved meats, or produced naturally in the intestinal tract.

Good digestion and absorption is the first and most important path to buoyant health. Probiotics help your body get the most of everything you eat. They clear the spaces between the microvillus, the hair like projections along the wall of the small intestines, thus, enhancing the absorption of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids from the food. Not only does good intestinal flora promote efficient digestion and absorption, it can help inhibits gas and bloating.

Probiotics, when present in sufficient strength, may help reduce cholesterol by inhibiting excessive production of cholesterol, metabolizing cholesterol for energy and breaking it down for easy removal and excretion. They also assist in the breakdown of bile salts to further lower blood cholesterol.

Lackluster eyes, poor skin tone, dull hair or excessive wrinkles are all subtle signs that the body is lacking in probiotics. A healthy elimination system is absolutely essential to good health and beauty, and probiotics effectively improve bowel movement for better waste elimination. When intestinal health is restored, the entire exterior of the body virtually glows and skins problems such as eczema, skin irritations, pimples and breakdown soon subside.

Antibiotics tend to kill indiscriminately – it kills the friendly bacteria along with the bad. Whenever you are prescribed antibiotics you need to take probiotics as well, to counter the negative effects on your digestive system. Drinking chlorinated water, carbonated drinks and coffee, eating meat and poultry laden with antibiotics, processed foods, high fat, high protein diets, low fiber intake, taking antacids and living a stressful lifestyle all destroy the friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract. Hence to enjoy all round radiant health, you should take probiotics supplement daily.

A Colon Cleanse Diet Equals A Long and Healthy Life

Today’s number two cause of cancer death in the United States is colon cancer, trailing lung cancer by a small margin. This is attributable to the fact that though the human body has not experienced any major change, man’s diet on the other hand has taken a turn for the worse. The food eaten today has harmful contents that assaults the body and gives it adverse effects that could lead to various types of diseases.

Some examples of these terrible foods that violate the body are meats with ingredients such as preservatives, hormones and antibiotics, hydrogenated oil, refined sugar, white flour, high fructose corn syrup, white rice and pasta and a lot more that you would not expect to be killing you slowly already. The toxins and congestion’s produced by these foods need to be immediately removed from your digestion system through the cleansing of the bowel.

Bowel movements are actually a very strong indication of a person’s health. You are well on your way to a disease if you do not make one bowel movement a day. Constipation is one of the most common bowel problems of people at present. This happens when the toxic wastes stays long in the bowel system allowing them to ferment, be reabsorbed and putrefy. Such a situation harbors a potential breeding ground for serious, even fatal diseases like colon cancer.

If you do not want such a situation to happen to you, then make it a point to follow a colon cleanse diet to detoxify your system from the harmful toxins that assault your body processes. During detoxification, these toxins could be deactivated, expelled from your body, or transformed. Whichever of these three, the upshot is that the toxic congestion would be cleared. For this to happen, it is vital that you abide by a colon cleanse diet and practice a healthy lifestyle.

On the whole, a colon cleanse diet is a diet which comprises foods and drinks that are free from preservatives, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and such substances that contain toxins. If you are a smoker, stopping the use of cigarettes or tobacco will e of substantial help. It is also advisable that you incorporate probiotics in your colon cleanse diet for replenishing the intestinal flora. In essence, a colon cleanse diet would, by and large, be comprised of fruits and vegetables. If you cannot completely remove them from your diet, then try your best to cut down on your processed food intake to hold off toxins from your digestive system and prevent mucus buildup and plaque from forming in it.

If however you are already having problems with your colon and plaques and toxins have already formed in it, all it not lost. You can still make use of the cleansing diet for your colon to make possible the slow elimination of the toxin build up. It may take some time to fully remove the plaque that has already formed but it eventually will if you will commit to eating only the healthy diet and live a healthy lifestyle starting now.

Better Health Benefits with Sports Bottles

Did you know that drinking water from plastic containers and bottles pose a health risk to you? Many people do not know the risks involved in drinking water straight from plastic bottles and the best part is, some types of plastic are worse than others. When buying bottles, you have to consider the reason of purchase as well as the type of plastic being used. In the bottle industry, manufacturers use different types of plastic material to produce bottles so it is important to recognize the many different types of plastics. Sports bottles normally use high quality and safe plastic and most use aluminum, which is a better and more durable alternative.

In America, plastics are given the rating from one to seven and this number is usually printed on the base of the container, and is inside the symbol of the recycling triangle image. The one to seven rating classifies the “resin identification code” that represents different types of resin. Apart from this, the abbreviations for the type of plastic will also be printed. Examples of these abbreviations are such as PET which is a type one in the plastics range and it stands for polyethylene terephthalate.

Disposable soft drink and sports water bottle made of plastic are rated on whereas milk jugs, shampoo bottles and liquid detergent bottles tend to be made from high density poly ethylene (HDPE), and labeled as number two plastic.

Number three is poly vinyl chloride (PVC) and items such as meat wrap, cooking oil bottles and plumbing pipes use PVC. Number four is low density polyethylene (LDPE) and can be found in cling wraps, grocery bags and sandwich bags. Number five is polypropolene (PP) and is commonly used in cloudy plastic water bottles and yogurt cups. Disposable coffee cups and take out containers use number six is polystyrene (PS) and baby bottles, some reusable water bottles and stain resistant food-storage containers come in number seven which is any sort of plastic that doesn’t fit into the first six categories. If a plastic container doesn’t have a recycling symbol with a visible number it is considered a number seven.

A study conducted in 1998 on plastics showed that bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical which mimics the hormone estrogens, can seep into the water from polycarbonate bottles. This study was published in the April 2003 issue of Current Biology. According to the research, BPA has a lot of harmful effects as it has been tested on the reproductive process of rats and mice. Some of the side effects are low sperm counts to changes in tissue that resembles early-stage breast cancer. These test show that similar changes can happen to human beings as a result of PBA. Bottles with number one bottles (PET) should only be used once and after finishing the liquid in them, take it to the recycling center.

For extended use, buy sports bottles and water bottles with number 2,4 and 5 ratings. These types of plastics are your best choices and they do not transmit any known chemicals into your body through the food and drink you consume. Also, these types of plastics are recyclable.

Fertility Testing

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The issue of fertility can be sensitive and troublesome for couples looking to conceive a child. However, although the prospect can be overwhelming, there are now simple tests that you and/or your partner can take to determine if everything is ok.

The First Steps

Prior to any kind of fertility test, you and/or your partner should schedule an appointment with a doctor or infertility specialist. The meeting with the fertility specialist will help you to determine which type of fertility test, if any, that you or your partner may require. The specialist will ask you and/or your partner questions about your health, and your sexual habits. The questions you will be asked may seem very personal, but they are necessary in order for the specialist to determine any possible infertility issues.

Types Fertility Tests For Women

For women there are a number of factors that can contribute to infertility, which means that there are a variety of fertility tests available.

– Blood Test

A simple blood test is often carried out by your doctor to determine whether your hormone levels are normal. The tests are carried out at different times in a woman’s cycle such as after ovulation and during the menstrual cycle. The blood tests check a woman’s progesterone levels, estradiol levels, luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).

– Pap Smear

A cervical examination or pap smear is a common test used to check for medical issues such as cervical cancer or Chlamydia. These issues can affect a woman’s fertility.

– Urine Test

Urine tests are used to detect hormone levels, such as luteinizing hormone (LH), similar to those checked in blood tests.

– Hysterosalpinogram

A hysterosalpinogram, also known as a tubogram or a HSG, is series of X-rays of the fallopian tubes and the uterus. It is performed to check whether or not there are any problems with the fallopian tubes or the uterus, such as blockages or defects, which can cause infertility.

– Ultrasound Scan

An ultrasound scan is used to scan the uterus in order to determine if there are any problems with the ovaries or uterus.

When Women Should Consider Getting Tested

If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for more than twelve months with no success, then it is a good idea to visit your doctor or fertility specialist. They will be able to help determine if there are any infertility issues, and run the appropriate tests.

Types of Fertility Tests for Men

– Sperm and Semen Test

The most common fertility test for men is the sperm and semen test. This test involves analysing the man’s semen to check for issues like low sperm count or low sperm mobility. These are common causes of fertility problems in men.

– Physical Examination

A physical examination is often carried out to check for any abnormalities on the male anatomy or testicles such as varicocoeles.

– Urine Test

The doctor may administer a urine test to check for Chlamydia. Chlamydia is a common, but easily treatable, infection which can cause fertility problems.

When Men Should Consider Getting Tested

An estimated 85% of couples who have frequent, unprotected sex will become pregnant within nine months. If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for over twelve months then it is best to consult your doctor. Although many people associate infertility with women, men often have fertility problems too.

If you and/or your partner are struggling to conceive it can be disheartening. However, sometimes by just taking a few simple tests, you can help make the situation easier. Once you have had any necessary fertility tests it will enable you and/or your partner to get any treatment you may need, and properly move ahead with planning your new family.

Vaccination – You Should Be Educated About It

You can get a vaccination for meningitis, HPV, polio, smallpox, measles, mumps, pertussis and many other diseases. The idea is that by getting a shot with a “watered down” version of a virus or bacteria, your body will attack it, kill it and store the information for later; therefore, if you pick something up again, the body will immediately respond by attacking it before cellular damage occurs. But how much do you know about the pros and cons of immunization?

According to medical information, on one hand, vaccinations are needed because we cannot face the alternative. Plagues and disease epidemics once ravaged the globe in epic proportions, killing millions worldwide. Many health experts credit vaccinations with the eradication of smallpox and polio; once deadly killers.

Additionally, immunization is considered to be one of the most cost-effective health prevention methods. According to the World Health Organization, every dollar spent on vaccines saves the average American $ 27 in health expenses.

Hundreds of thousands of deaths have been prevented each year by administering a simple vaccine, experts say. They add that the new rotavirus diarrhoea vaccine will save 300,000-600,000 children each year and the new human papillomavirus vaccine will prevent 500,000 cervical cancer deaths.

The argument against vaccinations may seem radical. After all, only 1-2% of the population are said to be at risk for developing allergic reactions or uncomfortable side effects. However, there are documented long term conditions related to immunization, including: autism, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, allergies, cancer, and other conditions that have only emerged over the past 30 years, when routine vaccination procedures became the standard.

Some vaccine components include carcinogens like thimersol, aluminum phosphate, and formaldehyde. Respected American physician Harris Coulter believes that low-grade encehalitis is directly linked with immunization in 15-20% of all children. Natural byproducts included learning disabilities, brain damage, epilepsy, sleep disorders, eating disorders, sexual disorders, asthma, crib death, diabetes, obesity and impulsive violence.

A German study found correlations between vaccinations and 22 neurological conditions. Some health experts say the danger is that some elements in vaccines may survive and mutate in the human body for years, with untested consequences.

No matter what you personally believe about the vaccination issue, it is a topic you should be educated about. Many parents blindly trust their doctors and modern medicine, without a second thought. Yet, given the surge in cancer cases and other diseases, we should be more vigilant about the contact we have with our surrounding environment. Sure, there are millions of potential carcinogens, but the least you can do is think of immunization as a decision, rather than a mandate.