Flat Stomach Plan

Are you a pear or an apple? Ask your mirror. If your mirror does not hide the truth, you will come to know what really you look like a Pear or an Apple! Wow, a fantastic fruity figure!

Wake up before it is too late. Look at your bulging abdomen and fat laden thighs and hips or check the flab, stacked around you. Act now.

There are a number of ways which you can take up to fight these menacing belly bulges and get your flat stomach back. The most effective way is to start a healthy living and follow a well planned fitness-program. You will happily watch your tummy shrinking gradually!

Slash your weight. An overweight person having 34 or more BMI can be an easy prey of various health risks. Melt down the adipose tissues (fat tissues) stacked around your belly by yoga or other holistic methods. Selective and healthy eating habits can fight with hyperglycemia, elevated cholesterol, hypertension, cancer, cardiac malfunctioning, insulin resistance syndrome etc., some of which effectively contribute to an extra-large tummy.

Practice meditation everyday to keep your stress under control. It is evident that Cortisol, a stress related hormone, can stimulate fat storage in the abdomen. Increase your metabolic rate to target deeper muscles. Take up abdomen-exercises, aerobics, yoga, brisk walking, sit-ups etc to burn fat (but dont over-do).

Exercises, specifically meant for strengthening, toning and tightening of abdominal-muscles (like pelvic tilt, lift, twist etc) are very much effective to achieve an hour-glass figure. Start exercise at a moderate intensity which gradually shrinks the fat-stomach. But always consult a doctor or personal trainer about the work-out program suitable for you before kick-starting any physical exercise.

Harsh diet-plan can never help you to get a flat tummy in a jiffy. Rather it will cause health deterioration. Moreover, once you are back to your normal diet, the bulge also comes back. Healthy foods in smaller amounts and taken 4 to 5 times per day is much preferred than crash diets. Green vegetables, fresh fruits and juices should be included in your meals everyday. Reduce saturated-fats and sugar intake drastically.

Dont skip meals. It doesnt reduce belly-bulge. Also never consider food as a stress-buster or time-pass. They worsen the condition only. Give the highest priority to a healthy body with well-toned abdomen. Hence eat healthy, exercise right and stay happy to showcase a great look wearing a matchlessly flat-stomach.

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