Final-Stage Alcohol Addiction: More Issues That Can Be Deadly

Having a loved one who is at the later stage of alcohol addiction can be difficult and depressing. This stage can be the end of the sufferer’s life or the end of his drinking days. During this time, the sufferer may be experiencing serious health issues.

People usually start a drinking pattern in an attempt to alleviate physiological or emotional pain. However, they may not realize that their alcoholism has become the cause of more problems which also impact the people around them. Alcoholism causes worries to families, jobs and communities. According to alcohol rehabilitation professionals alcohol addiction in the final stage may not be treated easily.

Strong Desire to Drink

An alcoholic whose alcohol dependency is at the final stage has a life that is revolved around alcohol. Often, he has a damaged career, family life and relationship. He tends to disregard other needs such as shelter, water and food. Surprisingly, a lot of late-stage alcoholics may still deny their condition. They continue to blame everything, except alcohol, for what is happening in their life. It is also likely that the alcoholic will stay away from situations and settings where their intoxication can be criticized and observed. This usually results in isolation. Late-stage alcoholism can result in homelessness, bankruptcy and divorce. In this stage, an addict is often drunk for several days.

Physical Dependence on Alcohol

During the later stage of alcohol dependency, an alcoholic is not only suffering from psychological and social issues but also physical damages. He may be experiencing critical symptoms when he is not able to drink alcohol. Alcohol withdrawal which induces extreme disturbance to the brain can cause delirium tremens. When the individual quits or reduces the amount of alcohol that he consumes, he may experience an increase in blood pressure, body temperature, respiration and heart rate. Some alcohol rehab center specialists warn that an alcoholic’s mind can be damaged by delusions, nightmares and hallucinations while delirium tremens is experienced.

Common Diseases

Alcoholics who are in the final stage of their drinking can suffer from cirrhosis as his liver becomes damaged. Late-stage alcoholism may also cause an addict to experience esophageal cancer, brain damage and cardiovascular diseases.

If someone you know is struggling with late-stage alcohol addiction, it is essential to help him get an appropriate treatment to save him from getting more health problems. There are available alcohol rehabilitation centers that have professionals who will monitor the patient and help him deal with his condition.

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