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Friday October 3, 2008

Call me a sucker for all things cute and colorful, but I am now convinced that I need a new iPod nano – actually that I need one in each of the nine stellar hues. The beautiful intense color spectrum might just be part of a creative marketing ploy on Mac’s part to lure people in, but man oh man is it working on me.

Granted I already have a 2GB iPod, basic black and still in incredible shape two and a half years after purchase due mostly to a case for it that pretty much requires Herculean effort to remove the dang iPod. And there’s my Shuffle, a baby at only 11 months old and which, with its blue color, is the cuter cousin to the black iPod. But something about the colors (plus the excellent new features like a screen that tilts and adjusts with the iPod and a shuffle function activated by literally shaking the device) makes me think that 11 iPods is a necessity rather than a display of musical excess.

At O|C, we’re still divided between Mac people and PC users, although us Mac users are slowly converting the rest of the shop. Mac is known for its ingenuity, and its loyal fans champion the company’s branding efforts. So maybe I owe it to Mac – in an effort to keep the company going and able to continue rolling out great products – to buy the whole rainbow. That’s not excess, right? That’s just supporting your brand!

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