Face on crafts | let me powder you!

It’s an eventful photo shooting week with DanVang Studio! =))  Working with a wonderful talented group it’s always exciting.

*Portrait shots model:  Sasha Palacio, a very talented Game Designer— www.sashapalacio.com*

*Affinitas Intimates studio shots:  Model Jasmine Shannel & Claudia Davila @ Ford Models

Affinitas Intimates: http://www.affinitasintimates.com/

Hair by Tina http://www.ykbridalstyle.com/

Photographer Daniel Vang www.danvang.com

Photographer Assistant CJ Donham http://cj.xpdnc.org/

Guys don’t get us girls can talk about skin care; make-up; hair; wardrobe & shopping spots endlessly.  But hey, if you think about it, it’s an investment for being looking adorable and beautiful for your man!  Why need to complain?

Yeah, don’t get me started talking about beauty tips (so I’m not gonna talk about it now to the guys who’re reading my blog, haha!) or else it’ll be hundreds of pages over here…

Of course there are days we wear bare faces and I really enjoy those days indeed…!  When we’re having one of those days, actually it is a great time to really stop and FEEL your skin.  Maybe talk yourself in the mirror then smile—you’ll find out how a smile make a difference even with your bare face.

 ”Smile is the best cosmetic.” –Benefit Cosmetics

Jerel & Jerrica are my FAV “Brown Sugar” buddies!  We all three had a blast for a summer photo shoot recently.  I have been wanting to do make-up for the cutie pie Jerrica and FINALLY we all three MADE it for our little photo shoot this summer!  I really do miss photo shoots since every time I really can learn something new and have some fun as well!

You might find your inside out beauty through me. Now I need your help.

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