Dance: some important do’s you don’t want to look past – caravana cubana

You are an aspiring dancer, since childhood you have dreamt of making it big in the world of dance and practiced hard each and every day to make yourself and all those who believed in you proud. It’s a simple concept you followed your dreams and desires but just when you want to make yourself into a worthy professional you are learning each and every day that along with dance even the dance outfits matter. Lots of time has passed where you just passed on by doing your thing in regular clothes and now its times for change.

Understanding your dance form and the meaning behind it is something you learn and understand even before you master that art form. Knowing very well that every dance form has very specific dancewear and that wearing it you become a part of that form and a part of understanding that culture. Dance may be simple but understanding the emotions and meaning behind it is key to becoming a successful dancer as is respecting the dance clothing you represent a people that you may have no connection to but are all unified just by dance. Doing justice to the role you portray is as essential as it is doing the steps properly.

The hallmark of a dancer is the grace and poise along with elegant movements of the body and different dance and art forms have different ways of expressing it.  Some would be soft slow dances showing the grace and elegance and some would be sensual dances filled with love and passion between the partners. Living to the expectations and the roles that these art forms are supposed to portray are the key in it being a success or failure and in turn you being a success or failure as a dancer.

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