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management is cyclical—non linear—and highly dependent on your brand’s history,
current momentum, competitor response and public perceptions. As your brand develops over time, its strength and success are based largely on its
ability to remain relevant and impactful by continuously evolving to meet
the tangible and emotional needs of consumers.

At Cavanagh we uncover consumer needs and connections to your product and
create a road map for managing the brand perceptions to optimize your
business goals.

Our defining strength is our ability to
integrate customer and competitor feedback, evaluate and filter large
numbers of brand attributes, and develop simple action pathways that uniquely position your brand as a world leader. Our methodology is based on more
than 20 years of experience in building strategic paths, evaluating the
ROI of competing scenarios, and helping clients implement action
strategies. The result is the insight you need to manage your brands’
evolution and success.

We help clients address strategic brand management issues, such as:

  • What benefits do consumers want from a brand in my category?
  • Where is my brand positioned in its current market?
  • Is my brand proposition getting through to consumers, and is that proposition unique?
  • Do the tangible and emotional aspects of my brand support each other, and how are these aspects linked to my business outcomes?
  • How can I reinforce and continue to evolve unique aspects of my brand?
  • Is my brand vulnerable?
  • What are the unique aspects of my competitors’ brands, and can they be used to my brands’ advantage?


We assist companies and brand custodians with day-to-day challenges, including:

Brand planning and development of marketing plans to deliver annual brand objectives

  • Communication media channel planning (covering digital, mobile, print, outdoor, television and alternative media)
  • Evaluation of brand activity against brand and business strategy and return on investment

Strategic Facilitation

As Brand Facilitators, we provide the planning and facilitation of strategy
development and internal brand/ business alignment sessions.

We also offer marketing capacity building and skills transfer workshops.

Services delivered  include:

  • Brand corporate identity design
  • Brand packaging design
  • Brand activation and below the line promotion
  • Brand media production
  • Brand Audit – Defining the brand mission
  • Advertising Effectiveness – Gauging brand resonance
  • Media Performance – Measuring brand involvement

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