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Skeletal muscle relaxants may be used for relief of spasticity in neuromuscular diseases such as multiple sclerosis, as well as for spinal cord injury and stroke. They may also be used for pain relief in minor strain injuries and control of the muscle symptoms of tetanus.

Generic Lioresal

Generic Lioresal is used for treating severe muscle spasms due to a variety of causes, including multiple sclerosis or brain or spinal cord injuries.

$0.74Per pill

Generic Parafon

Generic Parafon is used for treating pain caused by muscle spasms.

$4.18Per pill

Generic Robaxin

Generic Robaxin is used for relieving muscle pain and discomfort caused by sprains and strains.

$1.05Per pill

Generic Zanaflex

Generic Zanaflex is used for treating muscle spasms. It may also be used to help in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury.

$1.05Per pill

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