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Summer is the best time to go out for fun, beach and of course tanning. Tanning is so popular that anywhere you go you see people lying under the heat of the sun, when you go to a parlor tanning beds are occupied with a customer who wants to keep their body tanned. In the market place you see people looking for a tanning lotion. It has become obnoxious that this type of activity becomes so ordinary. We cannot dig into their mind what are they really up to? Is it just the dark skin tone or maybe something else? If you are one of those who are gross about this tanning thing, what really comes into your mind? Skin darkening? Absorbing vitamin D which is often acquired in the sun or just letting go with the crowd? What ever the reason might be, we can see that every one young and old, even pregnant women are into tanning. Yes there is benefit that we can get in tanning aside from its main reason of darkening your skin, the UVA and UVB both is influential in hardening our bones. There is no evidence that tanning can be harmful to pregnant women though there is certain incidence that a disease is linked with tanning. But what about when the woman is breast feeding?

According to the book about Breastfeeding, which was published by la Leche League International, there is no effect that exists between nursing mothers and the baby and tanning or the use of tanning lotions or tanning beds. It is a precautionary measure to limit the exposure in sun tanning and tanning beds to keep away from burning the skin. Yes there are instances that was reported that mothers complained about burned nipples when they used tanning beds, that is why extra precautionary measure should always be observed, and if you can avoid tanning while you are breastfeeding, then that’s the best precautionary measure for you. Tanning lotions may be just fine but if you are going to take in medication check the label for any warning and better yet consult the doctor.

Antenatal counseling on breastfeeding and post natal lactation are likely to support the wellness of breastfeeding against the use of tanners. The main concern of counseling on breastfeeding is the whole benefit that the baby can get from a mother’s milk, so tanning may not be amenable to breastfeeding counselors. Due to the fact that antenatal counseling on breastfeeding is inadequate, informing pregnant women about tanning and what is its effect on breastfeeding should be prioritized during antenatal consultation. The promotion of breastfeeding is globally prioritized to keep the baby healthy. The WHO or World Health Organization also encourages lactating mothers to breastfeed their babies. The only danger about tanning while you are breastfeeding is that,

1.      Sun tanning can often times increase blood pressure, and when your blood is higher than the normal it can affect breastfeeding process.

2.      Tanning in bed, has same effect with sun tanning. There are two concerns here,

В·        Just like sun tanning heat and UVA and UVB radiation can increase our blood pressure which in anyway can be disturbing when breastfeeding, Second,

В·        If you cannot control the heat in tanning bed, because of its direct contact to our body may cause a burn on your breast. This kind of condition is so painful that you cannot ever imagine your baby sucking your breast because of the discomfort it gives when your nipples are burned

3.      Using of tanning lotion. Tanning lotions are applied all over your body to get that even dark skin tone you have always wanted, of course that will include your breast and the skin near your breast. When breastfeeding, the baby will have the chance to swallow some of the lotion on your skin or if not baby’s skin will also get some of the lotion in you because of skin to skin contact. Fact, baby’s skin is so sensitive and definitely will react to the chemicals or ingredients present in that lotion and are very harmful to them.

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