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Spa and Massage businesses are so many in towns it is because people are somewhat addicted to it or they appreciate the health benefit an Spa and massage can do to their body. But starting a new one is not too late since people wants to go to different spa and massage center, finding the best service and the best supplies an establishment has. If you want to set up your own Spa and Massage clinic, it is important to know what supplies you need to get started. All you need to have are these two. A sanitizing products and massage supplies.

Sanitizing products includes the following items, an electric autoclave, laundry detergent, finger cots, air freshener, gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant soak tray and water dispersant.

An Electric Autoclave is classified as professional sterilizer and is perfect for medic spa.

Laundry detergent is used to remove deep seated oils and odor from sheets and towels.

Finger Cots is an important first aid kit for massage therapist. It covers and protects fingers from cutting.

Air freshener is used to eradicate unwanted odors naturally. It does not only freshen up the air but it gives our soul a lift!

Gloves are used to avoid direct contact with harmful ingredients.

Hand sanitizer is a refreshing gel or liquid form that kills germs that cause common disease. A massage therapist should use this in between massages.

Disinfectant soak tray is used when using hot stones.

Water Dispersant, after massage the most irritating part is when you see rancid oils on sheets and the smelly odor it gives. Often times these oils are not rid off detergent soaps and the stingy odor especially does not wear off even when soak in fabric conditioner. Water acts as alkalizing agent which allows oil to get loose from fabrics.

Massage Products include, Balancing stones, Activating stones, massage oil, massage cream, massage gel, massage lotion, disposable sheets, Table warmer and flannel.

Balancing stones is semi precious stones that are place in a specific body, like for example at the back in lined with the spinal cord. This procedure is called ‘chakkras’ which mean to let loose of blocked energies. Balancing stones creates a sense of balance and vitality.

Activating Stones are also semi precious stones that are place in a specific body, like for example at the back in lined with the spinal cord. This time the procedure done is not to let loose of blocked energies but to have an energetic session. This term is called ‘reiki’.

Massage oil is used for deeper body works. Popular oils are used such as almond oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil and olive oil.

Massage cream is used as an alternative to massage oil. Creams have the same greasy feel like oils, just that it is silkier like lotion. A massage cream that contains arnica and green tea extracts is the best choice. Arnica extract helps skin regeneration while green tea extract reduce skin inflammation.

Massage gel is lighter and non greasy compared to oil, yet it spread evenly throughout the skin.

Disposable sheets are used for wet treatment which requires classic draping.

Table Warmer keeps your customer warm. It is advisable to cover the top of a table warmer with a fleece pad so that the warm feeling is distributed evenly throughout the table warmer.

Flannel keeps customer warm is a cold winter but absorbs coolness in summer.


You know now what you need. Start canvassing good brands to start your own spa and massage center.

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