Brain Expert Warns of Huge Rise in Tumours from Cell Phones

Brain expert warns of huge rise in tumors and calls on industry to take immediate steps to reduce radiation.
Mobile phones could kill far more people than smoking or asbestos, a study by an award-winning cancer expert has concluded. He says people should avoid using them wherever possible and that governments and the mobile phone industry must take “immediate steps” to reduce exposure to their radiation.

The study, by Dr Vini Khurana, is the most devastating indictment yet published of the health risks. It draws on growing evidence exclusively reported in the IoS in October’s that using handsets for 10 years or more can double the risk of brain cancer. Cancers take at least a decade to develop, invalidating official safety assurances based on earlier studies which included few, if any, people who had used the phones for that long.

Earlier this year, the French government warned against the use of mobile phones, especially by children. Germany also advises its people to minimize handset use, and the European Environment Agency has called for exposures to be reduced.

Professor Khurana’s a top neurosurgeon who has received 14 awards over the past 16 years, has published more than three dozen scientific papers reviewed more than 100 studies on the effects of mobile phones. He has put the results on a brain surgery website, and a paper
based on the research is currently being peer-reviewed for publication in a scientific journal.

He admits that mobiles can save lives in emergencies, but concludes that “there is a significant and increasing body of evidence for a link between mobile phone usage and certain brain tumors”. He believes this will be “definitively proven” in the next decade.

Noting that malignant brain tumors represent “a life-ending diagnosis”, he adds: “We are currently experiencing a reactively unchecked and dangerous situation.” He fears that “unless the industry and governments take immediate and decisive steps”, the incidence of malignant brain tumors and associated death rate will be observed to rise globally within a decade from now, by which time it may be far too late to intervene medically.

“It is anticipated that this danger has far broader public health ramifications than asbestos and smoking,” says Professor Khurana, who told the IoS his assessment is partly based on the fact that three billion people now use the phones worldwide, three times as many as smoke. Smoking kills some five million worldwide each year, and exposure to asbestos is responsible for as many deaths in Britain as road accidents.

Late last week, the Mobile Operators Association dismissed Khurana’s study as “a selective discussion of scientific literature by one individual”. It believes he “does not present a balanced analysis” of the published science, and “reaches opposite conclusions to the WHO and more than 30 other independent expert scientific reviews”.

Penis Health and Vitamin D – Introducing the Miracle Nutrient

Of all the vitamins out there, vitamin D is, perhaps, one of the most well-known; possibly because well-meaning moms and dads have been telling their growing children from day 1 that they need to drink their milk with vitamin D for strong teeth and bones. Well, Mom and Dad weren’t just pulling a fast one on their kids; vitamin D is, in fact, an essential nutrient that helps the body absorb calcium for strong bones and teeth. Vitamin D also performs other important functions in the body – including supporting penile health! That’s right, men, getting lots of vitamin D helps support healthy bones -and boners – so be sure to get the recommend daily amount of this essential nutrient from now on to experience the following penis health benefits.

Vitamin D – the Miracle Vitamin

Vitamin D is known in many circles as the miracle vitamin. It performs “miracles” throughout the body, but is especially helpful with keeping everything down there running smoothly. Not only can it help improve one’s overall sexual health; it also improves the appearance and texture of the penile skin.

Vitamin D and the immune system:

Vitamin D is critical to supporting the body’s immune system; in fact, it helps the body to ward off bacteria and viruses that can cause infection. Vitamin D is what is known as an antioxidant – those superheroes in the body that fight the free radicals often are linked to cancer – which means getting enough vitamin D, along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, can help keep the entire body healthy. Vitamin D is also a big supporter of cardiovascular health, which is a contributing factor to erectile function and sexual performance. So by keeping the heart healthy, the penis is healthier, too! Now, who’s thirsty for milk?

Vitamin D and sexual health:

Not only does vitamin D support heart health for a healthy erection, it supports penis health in general. Studies have found that men who do not get enough vitamin D are more prone to erectile dysfunction and even suffer from decreased sperm count! This is especially important news to men who are trying to get their partner pregnant, as vitamin D can ensure he has enough swimmers to get the job done and his penis is able to rise to the occasion.

Vitamin D and healthy skin:

While most men may not think about the smoothness of their skin, vitamin D does help to keep the skin hydrated and itch-free. Yes, that includes the delicate skin of the penis, too. Whether a man is suffering from jock itch, psoriasis, skin rashes, premature aging, or even penis wrinkling – vitamin D can help to prevent and reduce all those skin problems and more.

Sources of vitamin D

There are three primary ways for a man to get his daily vitamin D intake: food, sun exposure, or vitamin supplements. Men who want to pump up their diets should focus on foods like whole milk, salmon, tuna, eggs, portabella mushrooms, eel, and liver. The sun can also provide a nice healthy boost of D, as the rays of the sun help to stimulate the body’s natural production of vitamin D – but given the fact that too much sun exposure can burn the skin, men should not rely on the sun for all of their vitamin D needs. Lastly, men can choose to take vitamin supplements to help them reach their recommended daily dose of vitamin D of 600 IU. Men especially interested in the penis benefits of vitamin D should also use a penis vitamin cream that is loaded with vitamin D (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). Applying the penis vitamin lotion directly on the penis also allows for maximum absorption, as the nutrients are delivered right where they are needed most.

Racial Disparities Found Among Lung Cancer Patients

Researchers have found that disparities may exist between the survival of lung cancer patients between various races, particularly among African Americans who are at a greater risk of fatality following a lung cancer diagnosis compared to those of other races, according to a report from the University of Washington, Seattle researchers.

The study used informational data from 17,739 patients that were of the average age of 75 years old. The data was collected during the time period of 1992 to 2002. Of the patients, approximately 89 percent were of the Caucasian race while only 6 percent were African Americans. According to the research, “black patients recommended to surgery had lung resections less frequently than white patients.”

The report found that as long as African American patients received “recommended appropriate treatment” the disparities shrank considerably, however, that has not been the case thus far, according to a Science Daily news article. Researchers are unsure as to why the disparity is occurring particularly among African Americans compared to their Caucasian counterparts, but explored the following reasons as potential differences:

* patients may be less inclined to undergo surgery

* patients may be have limited access to appropriate care

* patients may be less likely to visit the physician

However, if these patients had received a proper adjustment or treatment, then “no significant association between race and death” would have occurred, according to the news article.

Lung Cancer Causes

While the Oncology Channel notes that tobacco smoke is responsible for “80 percent of lung cancer deaths in men and 75 percent of lung cancer deaths in women,” there are a significant number of other risk factors that can lead to an individual’s diagnosis of lung cancer. The following are several risk factors including:

* secondhand smoke

* asbestos

* radon

* occupational exposures

* age

* race

* sex

* hereditary

It is imperative that in order for a lung cancer patient to receive the best appropriate method of treatment that he/she contact a medical professional at the first signs and symptoms of their potential condition. The Mayo Clinic reported the following as several signs and symptoms common among lung cancer patients:

* hoarseness

* wheezing

* chest pain

* coughing up blood

* development of chronic cough, also smoker’s cough

* new cough that does not go away

Defining Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a deadly form of lung cancer that is caused after the inhalation of asbestos fibers and dust particles has occurred. Individuals who are at the most risk for developing mesothelioma cancer are those working predominately in a construction industry or similar type of field such as the following, according to New Zealand’s National Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Committee:

* asbestos workers

* auto mechanics

* miners

* millers

* machinery fitters

* boilermakers

* firemen

* waterside workers

* railway workers

* construction workers

Individuals who have worked in any of the above fields or a similar work environment are advised to seek medical attention if any of the above signs and symptoms develop. Additionally, it is important that an individuals suffering from mesothelioma cancer contact an environmental toxin attorney to learn about developing a mesothelioma lawsuit.

It is often necessary to create such litigation as a mesothelioma diagnosis is frequently delivered with expensive treatment options and a short life expectancy. By creating a mesothelioma lawsuit an individual is increasing their chance of receiving monetary compensation as an award for their debilitating condition.

Estrone sulfate is actually the major active constituent in Premarin – pillsformedicine

Premarin is a type of treatment called Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and contains the hormone oestrogen in the form known as conjugated oestrogens. This drug helps to relieve the discomfort many women feel during and after menopause, including symptoms such as “hot flushes”, sweating and vaginal dryness. It helps to prevent thinning of the bones (osteoporosis), which can cause fractures. It is also used to treat women where either the ovary does not function properly or has been removed. If your doctor thinks you will need to take oestrogens for a long time, including for the prevention of osteoporosis, he or she will have considered the benefits and risks of other treatments before prescribing Premarin for you.

Precautions :

Do not take this product if you have or have had any of the following medical conditions:Breast cancerEndometrial or cervical cancerAbnormal genital bleeding, which your doctor has not investigated.A problem with blood clots forming in your blood vessels, such as painful inflammation of the veins (thrombophlebitis) or the blockage of a blood vessel in the legs (deep vein thrombosis or DVT), or lungs (pulmonary embolism)Heart disease or strokeVery high blood pressure that is not properly controlledProblems with your breasts that your doctor has not investigatedLiver diseaseBlood clotting problems.
Drug interactions :

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking any of the following:

Herbal medicines containing St John’s WortSome medicines for epilepsy such as phenytoin, phenobarbitone and carbamazepineSome antibiotics and anti-infectives such as rifampicin, erythromycin and clarithromycinAnti-fungal agents such as ketoconazole and itraconazoleThyroid replacement therapyCorticosteroids, such as dexamethasoneRitonavir for the treatment of HIV infectionCyclosporin used to prevent organ rejection.
Side effects :

Tell your doctor if you notice any of the following and they worry you:

Abnormal genital bleeding or spotting (if bleeding is heavy check with your doctor as soon as possible)Tender, painful or swollen breasts, or secretions from the breastsPeriod-like pain or pelvic painVaginal discharge or change in secretionsVaginal thrushStomach painStomach swelling or passing windNausea or vomitingHeadache or migraineLoss of hearingLoss of memoryIrregular, rapid jerky movementsDizzinessDepression or anxietyProblems sleeping or sleepinessModiness or irritabilityChanges in sex driveSwelling of the lower legs, ankles or fingers

Store at room temperature. Protect from heat, light and moisture. Keep away from reach of children.

Wrinkle Creams are not 100% Safe

You may think that wrinkle creams are completely safe to use and you don’t have to worry about any possible side effects that it may have. Most people also think the same way and only think of their wrinkles which make them neglect the possible dangers of using creams on their faces everyday.

You may think that creams are safe to use on the skin. But most creams contain artificial chemicals that have undergone a lot of processing which at low amounts, are not harmful to the body. But with continuous use, it can become harmful to the body when too much is allowed to accumulate.

These chemicals can accumulate in the body because it takes a long time for the body to eliminate such chemicals. When using the creams everyday, these chemicals slowly build up in the body and eventually reach their toxic effects. Once this happens, complications can slowly develop in your body.

Developing skin allergies is one problem associated with increased levels of toxins in the body. Your cells are easily damaged thus you develop redness and itchiness in your skin. Small irritations on your skin may also cause widespread reactions which will normally not happen if your body is not full of toxins. Other worse complications include cancer as cells may mutate indefinitely causing a tumor to form.

The complications associated with abusing wrinkle creams are very serious, but with correct use, you don’t have to abandon using you cream. One way to prevent the chemicals from staying in your body is by resting your skin for a few weeks so that the chemicals are totally removed from your body. After this rest period, you can start using the cream again on your face.

The use of organic wrinkle creams may also be a good idea as these creams contain very little or no artificial chemicals at all but will still have their anti-aging effects. This is a lot better than regular creams as it will be easier for the body to eliminate any artificial chemicals if there are any, thus reducing the risk of developing complications.

Other ways to make sure that the body gets rid of harmful chemicals is by living a healthy lifestyle. This means you have to eat the right kinds of food, get enough hours of sleep and exercise regularly. These will all work together in repairing damages and getting rid of unwanted substances in the body. Also, avoiding vices such as smoking lowers the level of toxins in the body as well.

Most people turn to using wrinkle creams once they see some wrinkles forming on their faces. This is a good idea if you are aware of the risks involved and take preventive measures to avoid complications from developing. The better option might be to use organic creams so that you won’t have to worry about causing harm to your body.

4 Foods From Your Kitchen Shelf to Lose Belly Fat!

Stomach fat!! two words which are sufficient to frequent in any event half of the total populace. Practically consistently individual whines about tummy fat and talks with respect to his/her battle to dispose of the same. They say even in the wake of working out for a considerable length of time and eating uncommon cum favor sort of sustenances the gut fat declines to say goodbye.
So what ‘s next? Wowser belly fat is to a great degree unshakable and needs sustenances which can target it straightforwardly. Be that as it may, shockingly such nourishments can be discovered effortlessly on ones kitchen rack. These regular fixings can help you in accomplishing a level tummy, fat less midsection and a hourglass figure. So what else would you be able to have requested?
Say bye to the stomach cushions and hi to a gut less the fat. It’s a great opportunity to venture in the kitchen and stock on the accompanying fixings at the earliest opportunity.
4 nourishments which can help you in satisfying the level belly dream
Apple juice vinegar is an otherworldly fluid! Apple juice vinegar can doubtlessly be touted as a mystical liquid.It can work thinks about whether you have to lose midsection fat. The prime fixing in apple juice vinegar acidic corrosive is known to dishearten the aggregation of fat cells and is additionally equipped for smothering ones hunger. So essentially it can not just confer taste to a bowl of plate of mixed greens or a measure of smoothie yet can definitely give you a fat free tummy. You should simply blend a teaspoon of apple juice vinegar in a glass of warm water and expend in before lunch or supper. Apple juice won’t just deal with your medical problems yet will likewise help you lose fat soon.
Garlic is awesome for blazing fat. Garlic is a ponder in itself. It can smother ones craving by fortifying the satiety focal point of the mind which along these lines diminishes the sentiment hunger. A few reviews have demonstrated that garlic is important for boosting your digestion system which can thus prompt to smoldering of fats which have collected over a timeframe. How might you utilize garlic for beating the fat? When you wake up bite 2 cloves of garlic with a glass of warm water. Proceed with this practice for around 15 days and see your tummy fat saying goodbye soon.
Lose belly fat with tomatoes!! Tomato is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Vitamin C is a cancer prevention agent which can help in cutting down the anxiety levels drastically,because stress can build stomach fat and make fat misfortune difficult.Tomato additionally contains a compound named as 9-oxo-ODA which expands the flow of lipids in the blood along these lines diminishing stomach fat.It is likewise known to diminish the rate of dyslipidemia which prompts to fat amassing in the abdomen.Add tomato to your salads,soups and vegetable juices for tummy fat loss.Simple?? At that point don’t give tomato soup or serving of mixed greens a miss!
Mint has turned out to be radiant for midsection fat misfortune. Mint looks delightful as well as has been supplied with incredible benefits.If you are hoping to lose midsection fat then mint leaves will be an extraordinary kitchen ingredient.Mint acts in two ways,firstly mint chops down the fat substance by expelling the abundance bile juice from your irk bladder.This capacity is critical as mint encourages the handling and capacity of fat in the body.Not simply that mint is stacked with a cluster of cancer prevention agents which can expand your metabolic rate prompting to speedier fat loss.How would you be able to utilize mint for fat misfortune ??Add few pulverized mint leaves to your ginger tea (again an awesome element for fat loss),Buttermilk,salad ,vegetable juice or essentially to a glass of lemon juice.The most ideal approach to devour smashed mint leaves is to add it to a jug of water alongside cucumber ,ginger and lemon juice.Viola!!Infused water is ready.You can drink this water for the duration of the day and watch your stomach fat vanishing at the soonest. Belly fat can predispose you to cardiovascular disease ,high cholesterol,hypertension,stroke and type 2 diabetes.Hence even if your weight is normal having too much of belly fat is not healthy in fact it is alarming.In order to stay healthy along with these foods you need to eat a balanced diet and incorporate a well designed exercise regime in your daily life.Remember good health is in your hands completely!!

Is It Just Stomach Pain Or Something Else?

Ahh….that pain in the stomach! Each of us is often struck by agonizing stomach aches and the painful discomfort can even restrict regular activities. But most times the pain is just due to over eating, gas or mild constipation which goes away soon. Simple home remedies, rest or even mild medication can do the trick. Sometimes all it takes is eating the right kind of food or even simply just staying away from food for a short while!

But what if you find yourself doubled up with pain, crouching on the floor and clutching the stomach, that too on a regular basis? Can it be dismissed just as lightly?
Cramps and other debilitating pain in the abdominal region can signal something else! Gastrointestinal and colorectal disorders often get aggravated due to our negligent dismissal and ignorance – we often try to ‘just get on with it’. Even common flatulence, bloating or constipation issues on a regular basis can be a precursor of bigger issues.
Yes, the common stomach ache is also the most common symptom of many gastrointestinal diseases from gallstones, stomach ulcers, appendicitis, intestinal adhesions, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis and Crohn’s disease to even the dreaded cancer. It may or may not be accompanied by bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, chills or even rectal bleeding depending on the disease.

These types of gastrointestinal or colorectal disorders are not just painful and crippling; they can become quite upsetting and humiliating as well. Where frequent diarrhea, fecal incontinence or loss of control is involved, life becomes all about mad searches and violent dashes to the nearest toilet. Again, it’s much easier to discuss a throat infection or even broken ligament than hemorrhoids (piles) or colonic polyps or anal cancer – with the doctors as well as in social settings!

He is supported by a qualified and wonderfully dedicated team of professionals who ensure that they first drive away the patients’ fears and put them at ease before providing quality colorectal treatment as required.
GastroSurgery UK provides a full range of gastrointestinal and colorectal treatments to serve a variety of bowel issues like all types of hernia, polyps, hemorrhoids, fissures, adhesions and warts to even appendicitis, colitis, diverticulitis, lactose intolerance, pilonidal sinus and colon, rectal or anal cancer. The team can proficiently conduct various diagnostic tests like endoscopy, colonoscopy, gastroscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy to identify the precise disorder and suggest necessary colorectal treatment. They can expertly perform both laparoscopic and surgeries when deemed necessary.
Therefore, stomach pain is not always about gas or constipation; it can spring from varied other reasons. Ignore this warning sign at your own peril!

Information On Prostate Cancer Signs

Cancer is one of the diseases of mankind which is a global health problem. Cancer is the expansion of abnormal cells in the body. Sometimes there’s a growth of new cells whether or not the body does not need them therefore they form into cancers in certain organs of the body. They can attack or metastasize in surrounding tissues or other areas of the body. Due to its effects to the body, ongoing research has been done for new treatments even if treatment for cancer has been discovered already. Cancers are named after the organ where it started. One of the commonest cancers among men is prostate trouble.

Prostate problems has effects on the gland in the male reproductive system. The local expansion of the tumor cells can affect the urinary system of the males. It can metastasize to other parts especially to the bones and the lymph nodes. The cause of prostate trouble is still unknown but it has certain risk factors that prejudice it to happen in males.

The signs and indications of prostate cancer are generally not noticed by the person influenced that’s why it is already diagnosed when complications are felt in the later years. Signs might not be considered as symptoms at first by the person concerned. During the beginning stages, he may just feel them as urinary issues which may not prompt him for medical help. But for cancer, it’s much better to track it down at an earlier stage to prevent its spreading which could lead to sudden death.

Screening tests can be done to diagnose prostate trouble at an early stage. One of which is the PSA blood test. PSA is a protein released by the prostate gland into the blood stream. When the prostate is not working well or if it has a cancer, it produces PSA which is more than the ordinary and it is awfully evident in the blood works. A second screening test is an intrusive process of digital anal examination. A lubricated gloved finger is inserted in the lower colon to figure out any irregularities particularly in the size and sort of the prostate. These two screening tests will give reliable prostate trouble signs that the medical team will use to plan a diagnosis.

Aside from the tests, subjective signs and signs of prostate cancer can be noted by males. The commonest being an issue when it comes to urination and ejaculation. The prostate is located just below the bladder that is why it affects the excretion of an affected person. Typically someone may feel a wish to have frequent urination especially at night. Another symptom is a difficulty in beginning piss or may occasionally lead to a lack of ability to urinate. There is agony and a burning feeling when urinating also. These symptoms aren’t only felt when urinating but also upon ejaculation. There’s a difficulty in erection and pain on ejaculation. Frequent discomfort in the hips and lumbar region is mostly felt.

When these signs and symptoms are felt, it’s much better not to let it pass without consultation from the medical practitioners. Enlargement of the prostate doesn’t immediately mean that it is cancer but it may also be beneficial in the early detection of cancer. That is why, it is recommended to seek medical recommendation when these signs and symptoms happen. Prostate problems is a kind of condition which occurs in males. Early detection of prostate problems is better for prompt treatment. To have further data on the signs and indications of prostate cancer, just click on

Estradiol Side Effects

Estradiol Side Effects. Estradiol is a type of medication that can be used for a number of purposes. It is basically a human body hormone, which is one of the three estrogens. The other two being estrone and estriol. Estradiol is present more in females than men. Hence, medication contains estrogens which are similar to the ones present in the human body.

Estradiol is prescribed for women going through menopause. They help a lot in providing relief from certain symptoms of menopause which cause discomfort. Dryness of the vagina and hot flashes can be treated with the help of estradiol. Also, it assists to relieve symptoms of breast cancer. It is used by men as well when trying to prevent cancer from spreading. It can be prescribed in the form of tablets or creams, whichever is likely to be more beneficial.

Estradiol, when taken regularly can have many side effects for both men and women. Women in use of this medication for relief of menopause symptoms can experience headaches, backache, nausea and dizziness. These are the common side effects because of hormonal changes. It can also lead to weight gain or loss and breast tenderness. Hair loss or unwanted hair growth are other side effects that create cause for concern among most women. Vaginal infection can cause a great deal of irritation and discomfort, but this is one of side effects that are not very common. Men who take estradiol also tend to experience ill effects, such as mood swings and changes in voice. Severe allergies and rashes can lead to uneasiness and distress.

People who have diabetes should be extra careful when taking estradiol. This tends to increase blood sugar and hence, diabetes patients should keep a constant tab by frequently checking their sugar levels. Also, people with abnormal thyroid levels should be cautious when taking estradiol, since frequent use might further affect thyroid levels. The dosage of this medication differs from person to person and also depends on their condition. Doctors prescribe estradiol only after checking all the relevant details. If any of the side effects are noticed, use of estradiol should be discontinued and the doctor should be consulted immediately to avoid further aggravating the situation. Depending on the symptoms, the doctor might reduce the dosage to a certain extent.

In extreme cases, use of estradiol might be suspended. Estradiol should only be taken when prescribed by the doctor.

New PET Scan May Be Better for Prostate Cancer Follow-Ups

Many of the 180,000 American men who will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in the coming year are likely to find treatments for them are relatively simply. Often found to be rather low-risk, prostate cancer in many cases may not require aggressive interventions, including surgery and radiation. Some men, however, will find their form of this cancer is higher risk, demanding not only treatment to improve survival chances, but also routine follow-ups. Improving the accuracy of those follow-ups to ensure precise, targeted treatment should the cancer return has been the topic of much study as of late. Researchers believe they’ve found a solution in a PET/CT scan.

A new PET/CT scan for prostate cancer patients has been developed that has been found to be superior to other screening options. The scan is able to detect cancer much earlier than MRIs or CTs, giving men and their doctors a better chance of beating the disease should it make a return. To achieve such positive results, the PET/CT scan uses a special tracer drug called Axumin that is able to illuminate cancer cells on scan pictures. The drug has been proven to detect cancer so well, in fact, it has received approval for use from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

PET/CT scans can serve a highly valuable role in the ongoing treatment of men who have been diagnosed with and treated for prostate cancer, researchers say. Prior to the drug’s approval, men would go in for routine prostate-specific antigen tests, or PSAs, to gauge for the possible recurrence of cancer. If PSA levels were high, tests like an MRI or CT scan were performed. Helpful, to be sure, these tests do sometimes miss new cancer growths and may not always see a spread as early as the new PET/CT is reportedly able to. Essentially, the new test provides a potential way to ensure faster treatment should cancer return.

An estimated 26,000 American men die from prostate cancer each and every year. Having a more accurate tool to assist in the follow-up of more aggressive forms of the disease can help lower that number. Since all men are at risk for prostate cancer, it is highly recommended men and their doctors talk about this disease and early screening procedures. Prostate cancer, when caught early, is quite often very feasible for doctors to successfully treat. Even its more aggressive forms often respond to treatments when they are provided in earlier stages of the disease.